Wiring & Rewiring in Reno

Professional Wiring & Rewiring Services in Northern Nevada & California

KD Electric is a family-owned electrical company that provides trusted wiring and rewiring services to residential and commercial clients in Reno and beyond. We have been providing quality electrical services to our clients for over 40 years, and we've seen it all when it comes to wiring and rewiring needs. Whether you need to upgrade the wiring in your new home or need to have an old home rewired to cut down your energy bills, we have the experience and professional equipment to get the job done right.

When you need to repair wiring or rewire your home, it is essential to work with a professional electrician. Our Reno electrical contractors have the training, experience, and professional equipment needed to install wiring and components safely and efficiently. You should never attempt to install wiring or rewiring yourself, as this can result in a dangerous electrical fire and could potentially injure or kill you.

When Does Your Home Need to Be Rewired?

Over time, the wires and components of your wiring system can become worn out and need to be replaced. Some properties are of an older construction that use wiring that is more prone to wearing out and starting fires, such as aluminum wiring. Even though the wires may still look fine, they may not be able to carry as much power as they were designed for or may be damaged from wear and tear. When this occurs, it is important to address the issue and eliminate the potential fire hazard your home faces.

These are some warning signs of wiring troubles that an electrician should investigate:

  • Your breakers keep tripping, or you keep getting blown fuses
  • Lights are dimming or flickering in and out
  • Melted plastic around or heat generating from your outlets and switch plates
  • A burning smell and/or buzzing sound that you can't place
  • Getting shocked from touching a cord or from plugging one in
  • Sparks flying when you plug or unplug from an outlet

If you suspect any electrical trouble, please don't hesitate to contact a professional right away. Our certified electrical contractors are licensed in both Nevada and California, and we are ready to providing the professional wiring services you can rely on. Find out how we can help restore your household or business to safety.

Call KD Electric at (775) 377-7552 or reach us online to schedule a wiring or rewiring service today!

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“Professional & Responsive! We needed a new electrical sub and we reached out to several, with little to no response. KD Electric got back to us the same day and was very accommodating with our project needs. Very friendly and kind as well.” - Sterling Builders LLC