Renewable Energy Services in Reno, Nevada

Bringing alternative energy solutions, such as Wind, and Hydro Technologies to Properties in Incline Village, Tahoe City, and Truckee

Renewable energy systems are appealing for property owners of all kinds because they can increase energy independence, while decreasing electrical costs. With the wider availability of solar, wind, and hydro technologies, there is no better time for residential and commercial property owners to invest in them. At KD Electric, we want to help bring renewable energy to you. To do this, our team can ensure you are following state and local code, you have the load capacity you need, and that you have the electrical infrastructure to utilize a solar, wind, or hydro system long into the future.

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Residential and Commercial Renewable Energy Systems

Renewable energy technologies such as wind turbines or solar panels are readily available to most property owners. While harnessing solar power is common, smaller scale wind and hydro systems might be unfamiliar to many people.

Below are descriptions of the technologies we can provide for homes or business buildings and how they work:
  • Small wind energy systems capitalize on the same technology as their larger counterparts, but they fit easily in residential or commercial locations. These scaled wind turbines are a great choice for renewable energy production because they produce zero emissions or other types of pollution. They are also ideal for properties in more remote locations where power lines might be difficult to access.
  • Micro hydro energy systems work exceptionally well for properties with water running through them. As water travels from the force of gravity, it passes through the hydro system, which transforms its kinetic energy to electric energy. Most hydro set ups can produce 100 kilowatts of electricity, which is 10-times the amount required to power a large home.
  • Hybrid renewable systems utilize wind and solar technology in tandem to harness electricity. A hybrid set up allows property owners to harness energy when the sun is shining and the wind is absent, and in moments when the winds are blowing but clouds are likely to block the sun

How to Prepare Your Property for a Renewable Energy System

At KD Electric, we know one of the top reasons our customers choose to install small renewable energy systems on their properties is to save money on electric utility costs or to offset them completely. To help you accomplish this, our electricians can work to prepare your property so it makes the most of your renewable technology.

Here is what we can do:
  • We can conduct a load analysis for your property to determine how much electricity you use throughout the day, as well as when you use the most or the least. Doing this will help you know what size of system is ideal for your property. If you want to rely completely on renewable energy, we can make sure what you install can cover your electric load. If you want to only power a specific part of your load, we can install a system that gives you exactly what you need.
  • As licensed and certified electricians, all the work we do must be up to local and state codes. As a result, we will make sure that your project adheres to the law before we even start.
  • We will need to determine whether you want your system to stand alone or connect to the grid. Stand-alone systems are appealing for the complete energy independence they provide, but they do require other technologies, such as batteries, to be able to store the energy you produce. Depending on what is best for your property, we can ensure that your electrical infrastructure is fit to support your renewable energy source and capitalize on the power it produces.

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