Commercial Electricians in Reno, Nevada

Commercial Electrical Services in Incline Village, Truckee, and Tahoe City

Since 2015, our commercial electricians in Reno have served a variety of local businesses. Customers trust our services because we are attentive to their electrical needs and use our skill and expertise to bring power to their projects.

From developing a concept to implementing it, we account for every detail and make sure your systems work well and your space looks as good as you imagined. After all, when we serve our customers’ properties, we treat them with the care we would treat our own.

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Commercial Electrical Services We Offer

We pride ourselves on offering customers three primary things: safety, savings, and unique solutions. To accomplish this, our Reno commercial electricians can provide any of the services listed below.

To safeguard properties, we can:
  • Install and service back up system generators to ensure your property has the power it needs during electrical outages or shortages.
  • Provide expert low voltage electrical services to fit your building with a robust security system or install fiber optic technologies that keep your data secure.
  • Detect areas where your electrical wiring could be damaged or malfunctioning with an infrared test, which can help prevent damage to your property.
To help you save money, we can:

Install solar panels on your property to help offset your energy costs and decrease your reliance on utility companies.
Help you reap the benefits of other renewable energy systems like wind and hydro power.
Bring electrical vehicle (EV) chargers to your property, which could attract new customers and save money with tax credits, among a number of other upsides.

To create the ideal environment inside your space, we can:
  • Design and install lighting solutions that are unique to what your business or organization needs.
  • Support your audio and visual projects with tailored electrical systems.

We Make “Going Electric” Easy

In recent years, many commercial property owners have “gone electric” with the help of electrification. While it can mean an array of specific things, electrification’s definition is simple: swapping power systems that rely on fossil fuels for those that use only electricity. When property owners opt for greener technologies, they help our planet’s future, while also saving money on utilities and cashing in on tax credits.

Our Reno commercial electricians at KD Electric can electrify your property in a variety of ways, from installing and servicing EV chargers and solar panels to helping you choose energy efficient and durable bulbs for a lighting project. We have also partnered with QMerit, an industry leader in electrification. This means when you choose to go electric with us, you get cutting edge technologies in tandem with our experience and service.

Sound Recording Studios

All kinds of commercial properties need sound recording studios to do things such as producing marketing materials with voiceovers or recording instrumentals and vocals for a musical project. With the help of a carefully designed sound recording studio, any business or organization can capture and capitalize on quality sounds in an environment they love.

Whether we are starting from scratch or upgrading an existing studio, our electricians can:
  • Ensure your space has access to the electrical capacity it needs
  • Install lighting that creates the ambiance you want
  • Include separate, dedicated circuits and isolated grounds in the space’s electrical infrastructure to help you produce clean sounds

Why Choose KD Electric?

Our team of experienced Reno commercial electricians go above and beyond by:
  • Taking our customer’s safety seriously. During any repairs, our experienced electricians will work hard to identify and address any potentially hazardous issues with your commercial property’s electrical infrastructure.
  • We bring new technology to your commercial property that can help you save money.
  • Offering personalized services so you can get exactly what you need. For any of our quality commercial electrical services, we work with you to determine what you want from your project and how we can make it a reality.

Don’t take our word for it, check out our reviews to see what our customers have to say about working with our skilled, professional team!

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